Annisquam River Arts is a full time sculpture and yacht finishing company located in West Gloucester, Massachusetts.  Founded in 1990 and managed solely by the artist in residence, Annisquam River Arts has supplied high-end quality sculpture and Yacht Finish restorations throughout New England and across the country.


 In the Balance  2010  Wood, Aluminum, Copper, Salt & Awlgrip  H.5.6' x W.2.1' x D.3.7'

In the Balance  2010

Wood, Aluminum, Copper, Salt & Awlgrip

H.5.6' x W.2.1' x D.3.7'

I find that I am always drawn into the human figure for my subject matter.  When I have materials in front of me, whether it be wood, stone, or metal, I see figurative movement or what is to become a composition involving a figurative element.  My goal is to create something recognizable to the viewer, but to make the statement without making it too readily clear exactly what they are looking at.

My art starts out with a basic idea which generally comes from the raw material in front of me.  A piece of wood will already have the form within.  A piece of metal will remind me of an appendage.  Stone will set the mood of the piece, often being the foundation or footing, which to me is the starting point for your eye.  I usually work in a subtractive style, but any of the before mentioned media can find  itself being used in an additive manner.  My themes range from religious experiences to disasters and from nature to simply the human form.

Recent art work is more abstract.  It is still made up of figurative variations, but it stretches the boundaries a little further away from recognizable shapes and compositions.  My art is comprised of numerous parts that make up the whole of one sculpture.  Working in this manner opens up the use of different mediums, which together form the body of the work.


Yacht Finishes

 28' Legacy   Awlgrip  "Stars and Stripes" 2013

28' Legacy

Awlgrip "Stars and Stripes" 2013

Awlgrip Marine Finish is a polyester based high gloss topcoat giving long lasting gloss and color retention.  Within the marine industry, the reputation of Awlgrip is one of universal trust and respect.  With its superior resistance to sun, saltwater, chemicals and abrasion, Awlgrip is ideal for coating everything from topsides, cabin tops, decks and masts to engines. 

Since 1902, Epifanes Marine Finish has been setting the highest standards of varnish quality in beauty, conservation and performance. Through state of the art technology and the use of the finest ingredients, they ensure Epifanes Yacht Coatings will always be the choice for those who demand quality.

Cetol Marine Finish is a flexible breathable synthetic marine coating.  The Sikkens range of marine coatings has improved beyond belief and when applied professionally it is often difficult to tell it apart from traditional varnish.  Enjoy the Simplicity.

At Annisquam River Arts Yacht Finishes one encounters a business dedicated to superb quality of work, coupled with on-time performance at a fair price.